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Tokyo Ghoul RE Episode 7 Preview

Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 3 Episode 07 Preview. Watch Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 3 Episode 07 Preview in High Quality HD online on
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Preview. Episode 07 in the TV Anime Series Tokyo Ghoul Re.







Episode Details 

“Days of Recollections”
“Kokorooboe Arishi Hibi”(心覚え在りし日々)

The battle sweeping strategy aiming at the auction site and the escort operation of the CCG’s transporting vehicle that was in progress at the same time are over. While numerous casualties are appearing to investigators and breeders, Haise proposes “ownership” of a girl named “Hisaguchi Hinami”, a girl who knows “past myself”. Quinx, who was recognized to work in this operation, was promoted to all members along with other investigators who were also awarded a commendation, and Hai Sei was a special investigator with a boss, a prominent investigator Arima Takuma Kisho) and plan a home party to celebrate the promotion of members. But, on the party day, “strange gift” arrives from someone who knows the other character “Kaneki Ken” in Haisé.



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